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[Released] 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Beta 1

Welcome to the Raring Ringtail Beta 1 release, which will in time become the 13.04 release.
This alpha features images for Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, UbuntuKylin, Ubuntu Cloud, Ubuntu Studio and Xubuntu.

At the end of the 12.10 development cycle, the Ubuntu desktop and server flavours decided that they would reduce the number of milestone images going forward and the focus would concentrate on daily quality and fortnightly testing rounds known as cadence testing. Based on that change, the Ubuntu products themselves will not have a Beta 1 release. Its first milestone release will be the FinalBetaRelease on the 28th of March 2013. Other Ubuntu flavours have the option to release using the usual milestone schedule.

Pre-releases of Raring Ringtail are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs as we work towards getting this release ready.

Beta 1 is the third in a series of milestone images that will be released throughout the Raring development cycle, in addition to our daily development images. The Beta images are known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD build or installer bugs, while representing a very recent snapshot of Raring.

You can download them here:
Beta 1 includes a number of software updates that are ready for wider testing. This is an early set of images, so you should expect some bugs. For a more detailed description of the changes in the Beta 1 release and the known bugs (which can save you the effort of reporting a duplicate bug, or help you find proven workarounds), please see:


If you’re interested in following the changes as we further develop Raring, we suggest that you subscribe initially to the ubuntu-devel-announce list. This is a low-traffic list (a few posts a week) carrying announcements of approved specifications, policy changes, alpha releases, and other interesting events.


Originally posted to the ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list on Thu Mar 14 20:40:34 UTC 2013 by St├ęphane Graber, on behalf of the release team

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[GNOME] Panacea Mist 3.6 Suite by Astral1

Panacea_Mist_3.6_Suiteby ~Astral-1

Panacea_Mist_3.6_Suite is a refinement of my earlier work Panacea_Suite (Gnome_Shell/GTK-3.6/Metacity ) themes, to which I have also added a conky config. Improvements to GTK3&2 mods will be uploaded next week.


► GTK3 - latest gtk3-engines-unico
► GTK2 - latest gtk2-engines-murrine & pixbuf

Theme installation: Read enclosed installation file

Extensions: Four are supported by default,install extensions from here

1. Dash to Dock by michele_g> [link]
2. Workspace to Dock by passingthru67> [link]
3. WindowOverlay Icons by sustmi> [link]
4. Weather indicator

Conky: If you havent already first install & set up Conky. Instructions here [link] .Then follow the installation instructions contained in folder Conky_Mist.

Wallpaper: Included

Icons: Faenza Desat

Cursor: Oxygen White

Required Font: Liberation_sans (9) ensures proper scaling


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[GNOME] SquareRoot Metacityby ~kant-o

SquareRoot Metacityby ~kant-o

SquareRoot is a simple metacity that should blend well with any GTK theme.

Feel free to change or improve the theme at your will. Constructive feedback is also welcomed.

To install:

1. Download and unzip the contents of the .zip file to the /usr/share/themes/ folder
(you will need super user priviledges for this).


2. Use the Gnome Tweak Tool (Gnome3) to select the Theme - Current Theme (choose SquareRoot);
or use the Appearance Settings of Gnome2 to choose the window borders. Notice that, prior to Gnome 3.6, gnome-shell will need to be restarted for the new window borders to appear. For that, press Alt+F2, write r and hit enter.

Assuming you have wget and unzip on your system, you may also try the following commands to install the theme:
[email protected]:~$ wget www.deviantart.com/download/349379661/squareroot_metacity_by_kant_o-d5s0f2l.zip

[email protected]:~$ unzip SquareRoot.zip

[email protected]:~$ sudo cp -r SquareRoot/ /usr/share/themes/

[email protected]:~$ rm -r SquareRoot

[email protected]:~$ rm SquareRoot.zip
For gnome3, do the following additional steps:
1st. open gnome-tweak-tool
(select SquareRoot in the Themes - Window Theme option)
Press Alt+F2, write r, and hit enter (After Gnome 3.4, this step is not needed).

For gnome2, go to the appearance settings and change the window borders of the current theme. No need to restart anything.

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[GTK Theme] Boje-1.2.1 by nale12

Boje-1.2.1by ~nale12

Package contains 8 versions of gtk3,gtk2,gnome-shell and cinnamon theme,there is also metacity,unity,xfwm4,openbox and emerald theme.
To install themes, extract archive and copy folder Boje to /usr/share/themes.

Requirements for gtk3 theme is only gnome-themes-standard package.
Requirements for gtk2 theme is gtk-engines and gtk-engine-murrine.

Gtk3 theme has customizable color.You can setup any color you want,just open file Boje/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and change value of 'selected_bg_color'.
IMPORTANT: Theme must be in /usr/share/themes in order to work color customization.


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